About Us
Started in 1925 by Upendra Pai, the Manipal Group is an industrial conglomerate navigating the world, offering services and products for a better world, for nearly a century now. Rooted in the principle of harmony and community building, the Manipal group advocates for the principle of collective efforts for collective prosperity.

Mr. Ramesh U Pai

Founder Manipal Group

Who are we ?

We are an established business group managed by a 4th generation family of industrialists. The group has played a pivotal role in shaping Indian business landscape over the last 100 years. We have a conglomeration of business including financial companies, marketing and advertising agency, talent management, nutraceutical and consumer businesses - all positioned on a strong tech enabled foundation

what do we do ?

Our company’s mission is success through collaboration, and we do this through our mantra of ‘many pals’ - empowering people to be able to realize their dreams, we believe we are enablers, and the community’s success is our success

how do we do it ?

We work with transparency, accountability and responsibility. Our culture is human centric, planet centric and service centric with a focus on sustainable practices aimed to make a positive impact for everyone in the ecosystem

At Manipal, our values form the bedrock of everything we do. Integrity guides our actions, ensuring honesty and transparency in all dealings. Innovation propels us forward, driving continuous improvement and creative solutions. Excellence is our standard, as we strive for the highest quality in products and services, always. Sustainability is ingrained in our operations, prioritizing environmental responsibility and social impact. Customer-centricity drives us to exceed expectations, delivering tailored solutions and unparalleled service. Accountability holds us to our commitments, driving results with diligence and reliability. Together, these values define our identity and drive our success.

Where Are we?

Our offices span more than one city, including Bangalore, Mumbai, Manipal, Mangalore, and Ahmedabad.